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Mission Statement

The SCIENCE COUNCIL OF NEW YORK CITY is a coordinating group for nine SCIENCE EDUCATION organizations. These organizations service teachers in elementary, intermediate and high schools in the New York City area. To many, the organization is simply known as SCONYC

SCONYC maintains active liaisons with the State Education Department, the New York City Department of Education Science Unit; and the Office of Education, Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens.

SCONYC maintains communications with many of the colleges and universities in the Greater New York City area. Members of the higher education community play an important role in promoting the activities of SCONYC and its MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS.

SCONYC has maintained excellent communications with the various resource agencies located in the Greater New York City area. The curators, interpreters and non-classroom educators who work at these facilities play an important role in the science education community.

SCONYC organizes an All-Day Conference and Exhibition each year. Workshops, panel discussions lectures and hands-on activities are presented. Exhibitions include science supply houses, publishers and resource agencies. A luncheon provides an opportunity for sharing ideas and socializing and to start off the Conference a special keynote speaker is engaged.

SCONYC helps teachers in their professional growth. It may provide something that you need.

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