BaP/MST Standards and Core Curriculum Guidelines

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Are you confused as to the differences concerning Learning Standards, Resource Guides, and Core curricula?

You can access the MST Standards at:


The standards were established prior to the development of the core curricula.


This site covers the science standards for physical and life science for elementary, intermediate, and commencement levels. The standards include student activities that are not included in the core guides.

Go to


This is the site for all the science cores. The cores contain the standards, with key ideas and major understandings. They do not contain suggested student activities.

All resources at the SED site can be used to direct your curriculum development in your local school district. Since there are many new science teachers in the state, it seemed appropriate to provide these website for reference. Remember that cores are just that, cores that are testable. They do not restrict teachers from going into greater depth.

Remember that Standard 1 includes using inquiry as the teaching strategy for laboratory investigations. There is a free publication available from BSCS (www.bscs.org, infor@bscs.org) entitled "Why does Inquiry Matter? Because That's What Science Is All About!" There are many levels of inquiry covered by the publication. It is a quick read and handy guide for your analysis of instructional strategies in the laboratory environment.

Good luck with the coming school year!

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